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Contact persons:
René Müller  rene.mueller@waterkiosk.org
Elimar Frank elimar.frank@waterkiosk.org


Antoinette Hunziker-Ebneter (founder & vice president of the board)

Antoinette Hunziker-Ebneter is CEO and founding partner of Forma Futura Invest AG, an independent asset management company for private and institutional clients with a focus on investments that are both financially solid and foster sustainable life quality.

Since May 2015, Ms Hunziker-Ebneter is also Chairwoman of the Berner Kantonalbank AG (BEKB).

She has gained more than 30 years of financial and risk management experience, for instance as Head of the Swiss Stock Exchange and as a member of the Executive Committee at Bank Julius Bär & Co.

In addition, Antoinette Hunziker-Ebneter is a co-founder of the charitable waterkiosk foundation, whose projects enable access to clean drinking water in underdeveloped countries.

Dr. René Müller (President/member of the board)

Since May 2013 René acts as a the President of the Committee of the waterkiosk foundation.
René holds a PhD in Physics from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich, and an MBA from IMD, Lausanne, Switzerland. His early professional experience includes a strong background in Research and Development, including fuel cells research with ABB Brown-Boveri and low temperature physics with IBM. From 1994 to January 2013 he was the CEO and majority shareholder of GMC software Technology, the leading Customer Communication Management company. The company was successfully sold to Neopost SA, Paris in July 2012.

Dr. Elimar Frank (member of the board)

Dr. Frank is Head of Research and Member of the Board of Directors at the Swiss Institute of Solar Technologies in Rapperswil. He is a solar thermal energy expert for more than 10 years. Furthermore, he has many years of working experience in developing countries, e.g. as project leader of a large-scale research project in Kyrgyzstan from 2004 to 2007. Dr. Frank is Board Member of ISES (International Solar Energy Society) and Vice President of ISES Europe. He supports the waterkiosk foundation with his technical expertise and his personal commitment, especially in Tanzania.

Leo Looser (member of the board)

Mr. Looser is an entrepreneur that has built up during his remarkable career a SME-conglomerate. From 2004-2009 he was the president of the board from Looser Holding AG (Arbon), quoted on the stock market. He is also president of the board of the “Familien Looser-Stiftung, Bad Ragaz”. He supports the waterkiosk foundation with his long-lasting experience as an entrepreneur and with his personal network.

Amélie Müller (Marketing and Finance)

Amélie Müller acts as marketing and finance manager of the waterkiosk foundation since May 2013. She is an artist specialized in large format watercolor paintings. She was Flight Attendant at Swiss International Airlines from 2007-2011 and Arts&Crafts Teacher in the primary school in Dübendorf ZH. She holds a bachelor degree from the Zurich University of Teacher Education (PH Zurich) and a degree of business administration from the Benedict School in Zurich.

contact_konersmann Lars Konersmann (advisory committee)

Lars Konersmann is in the advisory committee of the WaterKiosk-Foundation. He developed the “Sowadis” Solar Water Disinfection System and installed a considerable number of systems in Mozambique, Bangladesh and Tanzania. He was general manager of Waterkiosk Foundation from 2011 to 2014. His educational background is environmental sciences with specialization in physics (MSc ETH). He has 10 years of professional experience in the solar energy sector where he worked in interdisciplinary and intercultural contexts.

Project Managers Tanzania

contact_ndumwa Peter Ndumwa (General Manager Tanzania, Arusha/Moshi)

Peter Ndumwa is our general Manager for Tanzania. He is a trained electrician with strong experience in the field of solar power and the water sector. Peter is very motivated and works very hard in order to create maximum impact.

contact_mayssima Euphrasia Mayssima (project manager Tanzania, Arusha)

Euphrasia is managing our projects that are in collaboration with the congregation. Euphrasia is a sister of the “congregation of the sisters of Kilimanjaro”. The congregation is managing many schools and hospitals and orphan centers. The waterkiosk foundation signed a collaboration-contract with the congregation to mutually set up their schools with safe water systems.

contact_munyiumba Nathan Munyiumba (project manager Tanzania, Lushoto)

Nathan is coordinating our WaterKiosk-Projects in the Usambara-mountains, in Tanzania since 2009. 2012-13 he will be responsible to implement 10 new systems in schools and health-stations. Nathan is employed by the SeKuCo-University where he is a professor for “nature and conservation”. The university has a village outreach program that aims to support the poor surrounding villages. The waterkiosk-projects are part of this program.

contact_mtambo Enny Mtambo (kiosk manager Lukozi, Tanzania)

Enny Matumba is managing our waterkiosk in a small Village close to Lushoto. Enny is a powerful young women that works as a teacher at the local primary school. Her class this year initially consisted of 196 students. She is responible to control the operation ot our kiosk in Lukozi, which includes book-keeping and marketing activities.

Project Manager Bangladesh

contact_biswas Swapan Biswas (project manager Bangladesh)

Swapan is responsible for the implementation and management of our WaterKiosk projects in Bangladesh. He works as project manager for the local NGO Prism. He has over 10 years of experience in rural water supply. Currently we are implementing 10 new kiosks in the south of Bangladesh were the people suffer from unsuffienct access to safe water.

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