SuMeWa|COMPLETE is a fully solar driven system for decentralized drinking water treatment and distribution. No batteries are required to run the system. SuMeWa|COMPLETE adapts automatically to a broad range of raw water qualities and disinfects the water without the addition of chemicals.

Due to the residual disinfectant, produced by means of anodic oxidation, the water is protected from recontamination and complies with given legislative frameworks. With SuMeWa|COMPLETE the water can safely be distributed via decentralized water supply infrastructures. A data transfer unit allows remote control of the system simplifying operation and maintenance substantially.

The advantages at a glance

  • Renewable energy supply with solar PV – Technology
  • Pumping from depths up to 70 m
  • Filtration of contaminated water
  • Continuous adaption to fluctuating raw water conditions
  • Flow rate up to 400 L/h
  • Safe disinfection of drinking water
  • Compliance with residual disinfection regulation
  • Monitoring and adjusting water quality in storage tank
  • Data recording and transmission
  • Dry-run protection, tank level control and flow rate control
  • Very low need for maintenance

How it works

The functional principle of SuMeWa|COMPLETE is described in the following:

  1. Freshwater is lifted with a submersible pump from depths of up to 70 m.
  2. After the filtration process, chlorine is produced electrolyticall from salts thatoccur naturally in the water.
  3. In the reservoir the disinfected water is safely stored. From here it can be tapped or distributed via a central piping network.
  4. The water quality is continuously monitored.
  5. Depending on the water quality the control unit adapts the disinfection process.
  6. Due to the included solar photovoltaic modules SuMeWa|COMPLETE works energetically self-sufficient and is independent of any infrastructure. Batteries are not required.
  7. All operational parameters are sent online for remote control.

Technical Data

All values depend on source water quality and given regulation.

Maximum flow rate (with/without batteries): 400 L/h (9.6 / 2.8 m³/d)
Chlorine concentration: 0.3 – 3 mg/L
Required power supply: 120 W
Maximum pumping head: 70 m

Anodic oxidation

Based on an electrolytic process, the required disinfectant chlorine is produced from minerals that are commonly present in the source water. AUTARCON has optimized this process for its utilization in drinking water treatment and supply. It works highly efficient to allow very low mineral concentrations in the source water. At any given time only the minimum required amount of disinfectant is produced.

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