Projects in Bangladesh

The WaterKiosk Foundation has launched a safe-water-project in the Southern region of Bangladesh. The project aims to supply the population with safe drinking water. The totally 10 systems will be located in the southern region of Bangladesh (Noakhali District). By now the population is struggeling, because water from boreholes is contaminated with arsenic, iron and salinity. Alternatively we are using the widely available surface water (most villages have a pond) as a source. This water is usually highly contaminated with bacteria, but can be treated with filtration- and pasteurization processes. The SoWaDis-systems will be controlled by a micro-credit-branch that entertains a solid network in these densely populated, but still rural areas. The systems are operated by self-organized user-groups.
The project is financially supported by Geberit International and and Repic.

Check out the project video:


Partner: Prism Bangladesh

Location-type: Rural Waterkiosk

Number of systems: 10

Locations: 6 sites

Benefitors: ca. 2000


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